Why is Pune Real Estate Market a Homebuyer’s Paradise?


The city of Pune is a favourite amongst non-Punekars too. It is said that the city casts its charm like no other. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when the estimated figures point to the fact that almost fifty per cent of the population in the city can be attributed to in-migration.

When so many people are choosing this city as their home, consequentially the Pune real estate market has emerged as a clear winner as the place where homebuyers are flocking to. The map of the city is dotted with residential developments big and small. No matter what the homebuyers look for, the developers in the present day are offering so. Whatever you can put a finger on, be it residential plots, apartments, villas, or group housing projects, there is no dearth of options to explore.

There is little to no difficulty in managing to find your dream home here. But the question remains – what has made Pune the paradise for the homebuyers? Thus, following hereby are the top three reasons that make the city a striking choice amongst those looking to settle.

1. Technology Explosion

It was 25 years ago that the city was acknowledged as a possible candidate for growing the automobile industry. In the years that followed, the place witnessed a sharp increase in the number of tech companies that were being established. Owing to its vicinity to cities like Mumbai and Bangalore the city garnered quite some attention. The educational and academic status of the city - which was already par excellence - led to a number of IT graduates being present in the city. Hinjewadi is an established IT hub and has extended to three phases. Today, there are more than 800 IT companies in the city. Therefore, there are also many residential project in Hinjewadi Pune.

2. Thriving Market

For property markets, the most important factor is the low liquidity of the assets. That is, it is very difficult to convert the property to cash or vice versa. In this scenario, a real estate market as huge as that of Pune is quite desirable because there are enough options to make the cash flow evenly or not smoothly possible. Thus, finding flats for sale in Pune is not as tedious as in some other prime cities. This makes the city very desirable to both homebuyers and developers.

3. Smooth Connectivity

Considering other tier-1 cities like Bangalore and Mumbai Pune has reasonably lesser traffic on road. Initially, Pune too didn’t start out as a well-planned city when the Hinjewadi region started to become the tech hub and thus got congested. However, with government policies and planning there has been a balance in the traffic on road and many exist for the prominent localities have been provided. This prevents a lot of time wastage by the people on roads and thus, makes the city a desirable choice. However, if you buy apartments in Hinjewadi Pune, there is a much lesser chance of encountering traffic bottlenecks

4. Modern Residences

Homebuyers of the present day are looking for ultra-modern facilities and a lifestyle of luxury. To match up with the demands the developers in the city are launching homes that are equipped with luxury, leisure and lifestyle amenities. There is no dearth of the many options that one gets to choose from when it comes to Property in Pune. From Sky-villas to apartments, from plotted developments to resort-style mansions you can choose anything that suits your taste, budget and style. The above reasons show why the city is perfect for homebuyers. There are various other reasons too, which make the experience of living in the city worthwhile. The state-of-the-art architecture, premium facilities you get to avail here and, of course, the delectable Maharashtrian delights. So if you are considering this place to settle down it is one decision you will always be proud of.