Pune Real Estate Market - the Future of Realty in India


One of the two largest IT hubs of the city, Pune charms you with its monsoon skies and its modern ethos. The imposing skylines extend in every direction making a bold statement of the progress the city has experienced while keeping intact the cultural flavour in things. It is thus, not by chance that whether Punekars or not, the homebuyer and investors are flocking in the city. They are ready to invest in the Pune real estate market.
It is said that once you step into the realms of Pune it will embrace you unlike any other city. The stability of the sector has been remarkable in the past two decades. It has successfully emerged from the demonetization and GST implementation. There are a plethora of reasons that charm the people across the country to buy a home in the quaint city and the tech giant Pune. Keep reading to see the reasons why:

Employment Opportunities

The estimated figures show that about 50 per cent of the population increase in the city can be credited to in-migration. The success of the IT sector in the region has led to many working opportunities. As more and more MNCs have established their offices in the city, more work opportunities have emerged. This has attracted people from across the city to the state. Many IT hotspots have been established in the city. Additionally, many prestigious colleges and schools are acknowledged countrywide. The par-excellence education standard has led people to move to the city for their academic opportunities.


The city lies within the state of maharashtra. It is interesting to note that Mumbai is the very shimmery commercial capital of the country. But, regardless, property in Pune is higher in demand. There are many reasons for this preferential behaviour shown by homebuyers across India. The most important one is that the city is more affordable than any other. It requires a lesser part of your monthly salary to pay off the EMI value, only about 24% in this case. It means by putting aside only one-fourth of your salary you can have a home. Undoubtedly this is a very lucrative bet that is suitable for both investing and buying a forever home.

Potential for growth

When buying a property is most important to gauge the returns it will get in the future. When the rate of return is calculated, it already takes into account all the important factors like the locations, etc. So, if a property has a high rate of return it is a very profitable one. The returns in the city are remarkable and more importantly there is still high potential for growth of the realty sector. There has been a rise in the demand for luxury flats in Wagholi, Kharadi, Mahalunge and Hinjewadi. It is very apparent from the rise in the demand for goods

Other Factors

● Owing to the ambient weather of the city, people are willing to buy retirement homes in the city

● The massive physical and infrastructural growth in the city has made it a great place to live in

● It has a huge market of buyers and sellers which makes it very appropriate for selling and buying property more quickly which than otherwise

As we have seen there are so many reasons why you should not miss out on the opportunity of making this awesome city yours. There is also availability of many flats for sale in Pune which should not miss out on given the incredible options and opportunities you can avail of.